About Us

Prevention and health education is the centerpiece of our mission. For this purpose, Spectrum Homehealth & Hospice, Inc hopes to be an active part in an integrated organization that provides accessible, efficient and effective home health care services.

We will strive to improve the way our home health care services are delivered by maintaining a high quality system using recognized standards of home health care that is both appropriate and cost-effective. Spectrum Homehealth & Hospice, Inc will continuously seek those avenues needed to improve home health care.

We are a patient-centered health agency that provides quality and appropriate service for people suffering from medical conditions. These services are carried out and accomplished by our trained and expert medical professionals to guarantee the efficiency of all executed programs and services.

Contact Information

Spectrum Home Health & Hospice, Inc

4788 Duckhorn Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: 916-696-2444
Fax: 916-696-2469